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1900 Summergames Paris (France)

1900 Summergames Paris (France)

Type of game:Summergames
Country:France France

Date and place

Games of the 2nd Olympiad Paris 1900, May 20 to October 28


Number of participants: 997 (975 men and 22 women)

Participating countries: 24
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bohemia, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Romania, Russia, Spain, United States, Sweden, Switzerland .

In the middle of the athletics track were trees, that made it difficult especially for the pitchers.

The only Canadian, George Orton (1873-1958), was studying in the United States; he won the 2500 meter steeple chase. In the early Olympic Games there was no sharp demarcation between the participating teams, so mixed teams (for example tug of war) were not uncommon.

Medals were not actually awarded. The athletes received alongside cups, figurines and plaques above all prizes like umbrellas or boxes with tobacco.

The athlete and tennis player Patrick Joseph Leahy and the tennis player Harold S. Mahony were Irish, but participated in the British team, because their country was not an independent nation.


Athletics at the racecourse of the Racing Club de France in the Bois de Bologne (grass runway with a length of 500 m), fencing in the Tuilerien, shooting, archery, equestrian, cycling, gymnastics, swimming and water polo in the Seine, rowing on the Bineau bridge between the Seine and Asnieres (length of course: 1750 m), sailing in Meulan-sur-Seine (0.5-10 tons) and Le Havre (10-20 tonnes), football, rugby stadium in the cycling stadium of Vincennes, tennis on the tennis courts of the Paris Club of Ile des Puteaux, golf, cricket, croquet