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1972 Wintergames Sapporo (Japan)

1972 Wintergames Sapporo (Japan)

Type of game:Wintergames
Country:Japan Japan

Date and place

11th Olympic Winter Olympics in Sapporo 1972, February 3 to 13


Number of participants: 1006 (801 men and 205 women)

Total spectators: 647,958

Olympic Oath: Keichi Suzuki (Japan, skater)

Olympic flame: Hideki Takada (Japan, school boy)

Number of participating countries: 35
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Philippines, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Austria, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union, Spain, Taiwan, Czechoslovakia, United States, West Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland


Nordic skiing in the Makomanai Stadium (capacity spectators: 2500), Miyanomori jump (critical point: 86 m, spectator capacity: 24,000) and Okurayama jump (critical point: 110 m, spectator capacity: 45.000, alpine skiing at Mt. Enima (descent Gentlemen: Start at an altitude of 1126 m, height: 772 m, Ladies: start at a height of 870 m, elevation difference: 5324 m) and Mt. Teine (slalom Men: starting at a height of 795 m, altitude : 228 m, Ladies: start at a height of 751 m, altitude: 184 m, men's giant slalom: starting at a height of 952 m, altitude: 402 m, Ladies: start at a height of 982 m, altitude: 357 m) , biathlon in the Makomanai stadium, figure skating in the Makomanai Indoor Skating Rink (capacity spectators: 12,000) and the Mikado Indoor Skating Rink (spectator capacity: 2,000), speed skating on the Makomanai Speed Skating Rink (artificial ice rink of 400 m. spectator capacity: 50,000), luge on the natural course of Mt. Teine-Honcho (Length: 1030 m Men, 800 m for women and twositter, start height: 443 m, altitude: 101 m Men, Women and 78 m twositter, 14 turns), bobsleigh track on Mt. Teine-Honcho (Length: 1563 m, starting height: 495 m, altitude: 132 m, 13 turns), ice hockey in the Makomanai Indoor Skating Rink and the Tsukisamu Indoor Skating Rink (spectator capacity: 6,000).