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1976 Summergames Montreal (Canada)

1976 Summergames Montreal (Canada)

Type of game:Summergames
Country:Canada Canada

Date and place

Games of the 21st Olympiad 1976 Montreal, July 17-August 1


Number of participants: 6084 (4824 men and 1260 women)

Total spectators: 3,137,280

Olympic Oath: Pierre St. Jean (Canada, weight lifter)

Olympic flame: Sandra Henderson and Stephen Prefontaine (Canada, athletes)

Participating countries: 92
Andorra, Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Fiji Islands , Philippines, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Yugoslavia, Cameroon, Kuwait, Korea, Lebanon , Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Virgin Islands, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Norway, East Germany, Austria, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Romania, Soviet Union, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Spain, Suriname, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Tunisia, Uruguay, Venezuela, United States, West Germany, Iceland, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland


Athletics in the Stade Olympique (architects: Tallibert and Roger A. Daoust, capacity 71,920 spectators, Tartan runway with a length of 400 m), Weightlifting in the Arena St-Michel (audience capacity 2500), wrestling in the Center Maisonneuve (spectator capacity: 2000 ) and the Maurice Richard Arena (audience capacity 6800), Boxing in the Maurice Richard Arena and the Forum (spectator capacity: 17,650), Judo in the Velodrome Olympique (audience capacity 7040), Fencing in the Stade d'Hiver University Montreal (audience capacity 2175), Shooting at the Acadie-orbit (audience capacity 2305), archery on Terrain olympique de tir à l'arc, Joliette (audience capacity 2000), Modern Pentathlon in Bromont (audience capacity 6000), in the Stade d'hiver by the university, the job of Acadie, in the Olympic stadium and swimming on the trail of Maisonneuve, equestrian in the the Olympic stadium in Bromont, cycle racing in the Olympic cycling stadium (Velodrome Olympique), the circuit Fairview (spectator capacity: 660) and track Mont-Royal (spectator capacity: 760), gymnastics in the Forum, Swimming and Diving in the Olympic swimming stadium (capacity spectators: 9915), Water polo at the Claude Robillard Center (audience capacity 5300) and in the Piscine Olympique (Olympic swimming stadium), Rowing and Canoeing in the Bassin Olympique Ile Notre-Dame (spectator capacity: 30,000), Sailing in the Centre olympique de yachting, Portsmouth Harbor, Kingston, Ontario, in the football stadium of Sherbrooke, in the Varsity Stadium in Toronto (spectator capacity: 27,000), in Lansdowne Park, Ottawa (spectator capacity: 26,000) and in the Olympic stadium, handball in the Claude Robillard Center, in the Palais des Sports in Sherbrooke (audience capacity 6400), Université Laval, Quebec and the Forum, in the Stade Molson hockey at McGill University (spectator capacity: 19,000), Basketball in the Etienne Desmarteau Center (audience capacity 4500) and in the Forum, in the Volleyball Center Paul Sauve (audience capacity 4500) and in the Forum.