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As an Olympic event, archery is practised both individually and teamwise for men as well as for women. Competition archery is held according to the international rules of the FITA (The International Archery Federation). Each competitor has to get through two FITA rounds. In one FITA round 144 arrows are discharged, it's always 36 arrows per distance. The 90, 70, 50 and 30 metres distances are for the men. The women aim at targets which are 70, 60, 50 and 30 metres away. One begins with the longest distance and works his/her way down to the shortest. The target is divided into ten rings. The innermost ring, the bull's eye, is worth ten points and the outermost is worth one point. Thus a perfect score at a FITA round would be 1440 points.
Modern competition bows are complicated pieces of equipment which are equipped with arrow rests, arrow-levellers (pointers), a device to control the discharge and no more than four stabilizers. One may have an adjustable sight on the bow, but an optical enlarging apparatus is not permitted. The arrows are made of wood, steel or light metal. They weigh between 20 and 28 grams and are from 63.5 cm. to 71.1 cm. long. The archer wears white clothes at the official competitions. On his/her bow-hand a shooting-glove is worn and a further covering on the inner side of the bow-arm is also in place. On the hand which pulls the string, there is a finger protector which is in the form of a little cover for the index finger and the ring-finger.
Since 1972 competition archery, as is prescribed by the FITA, has been on the Olympic programme as an individual event for men and women. Team competitions in archery for both men and women were first held in Seoul in 1988.
Archery is a graceful sport in which technique, strength, style and, especially, concentration and nerves of steel are necessary.