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Kind of sport:Summersport Summersport
Old sport:No


This discipline was first admitted to the Olympic Games in 1992. The mixed double was first admitted in 1996.
Badminton is a sport which, at first sight, bears a resemblance to tennis. The difference however is that in badminton, speed is more important than force because that which is being whisked about, the shuttlecock, only weighs 5 grams. The stroke is almost always generated from the wrist. This movement can be executed much quicker than a stroke in tennis, for in tennis, the stroke is generated from the shoulder, which means that the whole arm has to move. When smashes are the order of the day, shuttlecocks can reach a velocity of anywhere between 150 and 200 km. an hour.
Badminton also makes heavy demands regarding rapid reaction the speed at which the body can move. Footwork is also crucial to the sport.
During a badminton match, the first player to win two sets has won the game. A set comprises 15 points for the men singles and the doubles, and 11 points for the women singles. Points can only be made by the party which has the service. If he/she makes a error then the service goes to the other side. A badminton court is 5.18 metres wide by 13.40 metres long for a singles match and 6.10 metres wide by 13.40 metres long for a doubles match.