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This discipline was first admitted to the Olympics in 1992. Baseball is especially popular in the United States. In baseball, the distribution of the teams is such that while one team is at bat, the other team is in the field. both teams will alternate in being at bat and playing the field nine times, when both teams have been at bat and played the field an inning has passed. Thus, a game consists of nine innings. The team which has the most runs at the end of the ninth-inning has won the game. The baseball field consists of an infield and an outfield. The infield is a square which has three bases and a home plate on each angle.
Almost in the middle of the infield, you find the pitcher's mound. This is the point from which the pitcher pitches (throws) the ball to the team which is at bat at home plate. If a ball is pitched over home plate and it comes in between the knees and the arm-pits of the person at bat, then that pitch is a strike, regardless of whether the batsman at home plate swings at the ball or not. Whether a pitched ball is a strike or not (ball) is determined by the referee who stands behind home plate and is commonly known as the umpire. When the pitcher throws the ball, one of his teammates, the catcher, is squatting behind home plate, in front of the umpire, to catch the ball. The batsman may try to hit every ball that comes his/her way. If he/she hits the ball and it remains in the fair play part of the field, then he/she must try to reach first base. Those players who are in the field try to prevent this from happening by getting the ball as quickly as they can, for with the ball, they can get the base runner, previously the person at bat, out. When the base runner arrives safely at one of the bases, then another batsman comes up to bat. If he also hits a good ball, the base runner who is already on a base can go on to second base, third base and finally to home plate. When he reaches home plate, one run for his team has been scored. If a batsman hits a ball clean out of the ball park, then you have a home run. Once the team which is at bat has three outs against it, then it loses its turn at bat. At that moment, the teams switch positions, the team at bat goes to the field and the team that was in the field now goes to bat. A batsman can be put out in several ways: the first instance is if a ball that he/she hits is caught by someone in the outfield; the second
instance is where he/she is tagged out: where a player in the field either touches the base runner or touches a base while he/she has the ball before the base runner gets there and the base runner has no alternative but to get on that base. A baseball player especially has to train to be a fast runner, a good catcher and a good pitcher. A base ball can be thrown at speeds from 100 to 160 km. p. h.