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Kind of sport:Summersport Summersport
Old sport:Yes


Cricket was only once on the Olympic programme and that was in 1900. But in England, cricket is still a popular sport.
Cricket is played by two teams which consist of eleven players each. Both teams, by turns, get a chance to score runs. The team which tries to score runs has two players in the field, the batsmen. All eleven players of the defending team are in the field. The defending team tries to get the batsmen out, therefore the bowler tries to hit the wicket, which is a set of three stumps surmounted by two small crosspieces, with a ball while the batsman tries to prevent that from happening. When ten players are out, the teams exchange their positions, and the team that was in the field may now try to score some runs. When the game is over, the team which has scored the most runs has won.