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Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Kind of sport:Wintersport Wintersport
Old sport:No


In cross-country skiing, except for the relays, competitions are held against the clock. Women as wellas men participate in this event. The participants start every thirty seconds and finish off thier event on sloping terrain. The course has to satisfy the following differences in height: 100 metres-5 km. women; 150 metres-10 km. women; 200 metres- 10km. men; 250 metres-15 km. and more for men. The manner of propulsion, which breaks down into the classical style and the free style, is prescribed for each distance. In the classical style, both of the narrow skis slide evenly in the track which is already plotted. The freestyle uses a sort of skating motion in which the skis are not always parrallel. In both instances cross-country skiing consists of harmonious and graceful gliding in which the use of the sticks and the manner of propulsion across a sloping terrain exacts a very high standard, coordination and stamina from the cross-country skier.