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Kind of sport:Summersport Summersport
Old sport:No


This event takes off from a springy three metre board. After the preliminary rounds, twelve divers remain who move on to the final. The final consists of eleven dives, five of which are obligatory with the remainder being freestyle dives. The obligatory dives are: the forward dive, the back dive, the reverse dive, the inward dive and the one half twist forward dive. The jury's deliberations are based on the quality of the run-up, take-off, technique and gracefulness of the dives. Once all of the points are registered, the highest and the lowest of these are dropped. The sum of the remainder of the points is multiplied by the degree of difficulty of the dives.

Highboard diving Men

The highboard diver plunges in from a fixed platform. During the final in this event, each participant must make four obligatory and six freestyle dives. The four obligatory dives are: the forward dive, the back dive, the reverse dive and the inward dive. In connection with the height of the platform, diving pools must be at
least 4.5 metres deep.

Three meter board Diving Women

With the springy three metre board for women, the finalists must make five obligatory dives and five freestyle dives. For the rest, the system of adjudication which applies to the men's competition applies here as well.

Highboard diving Women

During the final, the women must make four obligatory and four freestyle dives.