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Kind of sport:Summersport Summersport
Old sport:Yes


In 1900 and 1904 Golf was on the Olympic programme. In golf, the objective is to hit a small ball into a predesignated hole in the ground. The distance between the tee varies from 100 to 500 metres. It rarely happens that the ball is hit directly into the whole from the tee, a hole-in-one, and good players generally need 3 to 5 strokes before getting the ball into the hole and completing that part of the course on which he/she is playing. The ball must always be struck from the spot where it came to a standstill. The hole lies in the middle of a flat and closely mowed grass field, commonly called "the green". After a golfer finally gets the ball into the hole, he/she begins on the next course. The one who completes the entire golf course with the least amount of strokes is the winner.