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Kind of sport:Summersport Summersport
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Field hockey is a fast and highly active game with a code of sportsmanship which is second to none. In this sport, two teams try to get the little white ball into their opponent's goal post. In 1908 and 1920 the English won the hockey tournament. But in the years that followed, India and Pakistan dominated the game with eight gold medals and three gold medals respectively. In Seoul, in 1988, it was again Great Britain's turn. Since the Moscow Olympics in 1980, women's hockey has enjoyed Olympic status. A hockey game is divided into two periods of 35 minutes each. If at the end of the second period the score is even, two additional periods of ten minutes will be played. In order to prevent injuries, there are strict guidelines regarding the handling of the ball. This is the kind of game in which the players are geared up to playing the ball and not their opponents. Field hockey demands a good stick technique, a certain adeptness in handling the ball and the ability to respond and act quickly. On account of the arched posture, besides having an excellent playing technique the hockey player must also have an enormous stamina.