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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Kind of sport:Wintersport Wintersport
Old sport:No


Ice hockey has been on the Olympic programme since 1920. This game also comprises of two teams which have six players a piece who engage each other on a field which is 31 metres by 61 metres. With the aid of an ice hockey club, each of the team's players try to get the puck, a hard rubber disk, into the goal of their opponents. The plyers wear protective clothing, a helmet and gloves. Ice hockey is an insanely fast sport where body checks, bench penalties and sometimes interclub fist-fights accentuate the toughness of the sport. An ice hockey match consists of one hour pure playing time, which is divided into three twenty minute periods each of which is followed by a ten minute rest preiod. This sport, especially in the past, has given much cause to fierce controversies regarding the amateur status of the participating teams.