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Kind of sport:Wintersport Wintersport
Old sport:No


Luge run is a sleighing sport which is performed on specially prepared tracks. Competition luge run consists of a non-rigid sleigh, with movable parts enabling steering. The curved front runners have steering-belts. The maximal width of the track is 45 cm with a weight of twenty kg. for the one-seater and twenty-two kg. for the two-seater. The racer wears a slick tight suit and an obligatory helmet with facial protection. To minimize the air resistance, the sleigher lies on his back as much as possible. The feet stick out of the sleigh and are turned inwards. The steering-belts, combined with the application of pressure by the legs and the shifting of the weight enable course corrections. In the past, the participants of toboggan sleighing were laying on their stomach and went down head first. The luge run has replaced toboggan since 1964. The single sleigh competes in four descents and the double in two.