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Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming

Kind of sport:Summersport Summersport
Old sport:No



Synchronized swimming is only practiced by women and it is a combination of ballet and gymnastics. This event was included on the the Olympic programme in 1984 and it must be noted that this occurred only two months before the Games, which were held in Los Angeles, were due to begin. Synchronized swimming has various movements and figures each with a certain degree of difficulty. A few examples of the figures are: the ballet leg, the dolphin, reverse-dolphin and the somersault. A competition consists of two events: one is with compulsory figures, without any music, and the other one is a series of compulsory figures with music. A jury allocates points for both events and examines the choreograpy, the interpretation of the musical accompaniment, the presentation and the degree of dificulty.


This form of synchronized swimming has the same regulations and scoring table the solo event except that with the duet, extra special attention is paid to the synchronous movements of both swimmers.

At the programme in 1996 the only discipline will be synchronized swimming for teams of 8 women.