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Water Polo

Water Polo

Kind of sport:Summersport Summersport
Old sport:No


Water polo is a team sport which is played with seven players on a team. Between the introduction of this sport to the Olympic Games and 1980, the competition consisted of a pure playing time of four times five minutes. In 1984 the playing time was changed into four times seven minutes. Every team has their own color swimming cap (blue and white) and the cap has to have a number on it. The goal keeper wears a red swimming cap with number 1. The referee, assisted by two goal arbiters, has two flags, one blue and one white. He indicates, with signs and a specific colour of the flag, the goals, corners, free throws and penalty throws. Every water polo player has to have an enormous endurance. He has to be able to start and turn quickly, have good insight into the game and a good throwing technique.