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The Olympic Database

112 year Olympic games conveniently arranged

The Olympic Database.com gets you all the results, gold, silver en bronze medals, of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 up till the Summer Olympics Beijing in 2008. You get descriptions of all the Olympic Sports, lists of medal winners per country, per sport per discipline, over the years and during a particular Olympic Event.

A few examples of the possibilities:

Who was the most successful Olympic winner in 112 years Olympic history? Which country was successful in Baseball, in Cycling or in Athletics- 1500M Men? Etc.

The database is also easy to handle: Click on:

You get a list of the most successful countries during 112 years Olympic games: Initial selection: All Events, All Sports and All Disciplines. You can select any combination of these three categories and get a new list. You can click on the country and find the names of the winners.

A list of all Olympic events and details of that particular Games. Again you can click on Winners, Sports and Countries and get the results of that Olympic event.

A list of all Olympic Sports over the years, old and actual ones, in Summer and Winter games.

Initial section: All events, All Sports and All disciplines. You get a list off the most successful winners. Click on a name and you find a personal page of the medal winner and find out what he or she has won. You can alter the selecting criteria easily; you can even type in a (part of the) name of an athlete.

TheOlympicDatabase.com is not finished yet; it is a start, more information will be added to it in the coming period.

The OlympicDatabase.com is an independent organization, not connected to
the IOC or any other Olympic Organization what so ever.